knee pain

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Recover Knee pain in 6 steps

1. Maintain Body weight

“For every pound of weight you put on, the knees will have four more pounds of force on them and even more than that when you go up or down stairs,” says John-Paul Rue

2. keep yourself moving

Engage Yourself in physical activities so your muscles get strength and be active.

3. correct your posture

A good posture keep your body's center of gravity and which helps to reduce the pressure on your knees

4. Exercise

Exercise gives strength to you body and muscles. improves range of motion, protects knee cartilage and reduces the stress you place on the knees

5. Choose the right footwear

Footwear is important for knees as comfortable shoes gives proper alignment of the joints in your lower extremities as you move that prevent from knee pain

6. check for pain symptoms

Always take serious the knee pain symptoms. If you notice something serious go to doctor or take proper treatment.

knee pain going down stairs

Knee pain symptoms, causes , solution 

Know the actual reasons why your knee pains through the symptoms and the best solution to cure it.

This single post helps to get ride all the knee pain problems with their best solutions.